MINI 2017

We had our annual get-together Feb. 15th, 2017

In attendance were:

1. Phyl Abrams

2. Ron Abrams

3. Dave Bowden

4. Marge Bowden

5. Bruce Christopher

6. Kathy Christopher

7. Joan Higham

8. Helen Marshall

9. Mel Marshall

10 Denny Randall

11 Barb Ryan

12 Barb Welch

13 Bob Welch


On the morning of Feb. 15th, we all met at Joan's house in New Port Richey, Florida.

We boarded a bus, which drove all of us to Clearwater Beach.

We had lunch where we all sat at the same table,
which had a view of the Gulf of Mexico.

When we finished lunch, we went to a place which had fun rides.

This was a place where 2 people could fit into tiny cars,
with no tops on them. (On the cars!!) We hoped it wouldn't rain,
while driving the little cars around Clearwater,
in a "Parade of cars" formation.

We had a total of 7 cars.

Bruce and Kathy, led the way.

We returned the cars back, in a bit less than an hour.

From that event, we all boarded the bus again.

Then it did rain on the way back home.

Back to Joan's house, where we had dessert -
cake, ice cream, fresh fruit, and drinks.

There wasn't any more "entertainment",
however we enjoyed sitting and chatting with each other.


The photos below, were contributed by Bruce and Kathy Christopher.

We thank them for their contribution.

Please click on the thumbnails below, to see the photos in a larger view:

Description of photos:

Picture # 1 - Shows the 13 of us driving the little fun cars at Clearwater Beach

Picture # 2 - Class of '57 cake at our table here, at home in New Port Richey

Picture # 3 - Dave, Marge and Barb. W.

Picture # 4 - The group of us at the table, for dessert

Picture # 5 - (Same as above - slightly different view.)

Picture # 6 - Same

Picture # 7 - Helen and Mel Marshall

Picture # 8 - Denny Randall



The photos below, were contributed by Joan Higham.

Please click on the thumbnails below, to see the photos in a larger view:


Photos 10 through 25:

Picture # 10 - Cake on our table

Picture # 11 - The 13 of us in front of the bus

Picture # 12 - (Same but different view.)

Picture # 13 - (Again - same group with another view, before we boarded.)

Picture # 14 - Bruce and Kathy - Our leaders

Picture # 15 - Mel

Picture # 16 - Denny, Joan & Barb. Ryan

Picture # 17 - Phyl and Ron Abrams

Picture # 18 - Bob Welch

Picture # 19 - Dave and Marge Bowden

Picture # 20 - Phyl, Ron, Bob, Dave and Marge

Picture # 21 - Helen, Mel, Denny, Joan, Barb. R., Phyl and Ron

Picture # 22 - Bruce and Kathy Christopher

Picture # 23 - Back at the house, at the dessert table.

Picture # 24 - At the dessert table - shows Dave looking at the old photo, which shows Phyllis's dad as a young boy. Photo contributed by Denny R.

Picture # 25 - Last photo, showing us at the dessert table.




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