52nd Class Reunion!

A good time was had by all!

I have heard nothing but really great reports!

Right now, I only have the approximate attendance:

I heard the food served at the Legion was magnificent!
This was compliments of Denny R. and Nancy -
They did a GREAT job!

We THANK you!

Much of it had to do with the food our class used to eat, back when we were in High School.
Like fish fries from Eddie's, food which we ordered from the Drive-Ins,
food from the diner in Auburn etc.

Below, you will see 3 of the recipes which were served by Denny R.,
and he is willing to share with the class --

You can click on the thumbnails below, to see/or print out, larger views of the recipes:

Thanks muchly, Denny!

Burton received a phone call that the Legion
was going to be used by another group, on Sunday AM;
so a group of Class of '57 volunteers went over to the Legion,
after the Alumni Banquet, and cleaned it up.

I think 8 or 10 classmates worked to clean up the Legion,
and with so many volunteers, it was pretty much done in half an hour.

THANKS to those of you who offered your services.

See what I mean about our class??

The Sunday Brunch at Springside was shared with the Class of '58!

Ron put a phone call through to Punch,
while at Springside Inn,
and much of the class had a chance to chat with him.

Punch says he plans to be with us next year.

Good, Punch ---- I hope I will be there, also!


The photos below were contributed by Phyllis Drabel Abrams -

These photos were taken while in Auburn, at the Hollywood Restaurant -
Please click on thumbnails below, for larger views:


I believe photo # 3, shows Ron and Dale,
while visiting at Phyl and Ron Abrams' house in Florida.

The photos below were contributed by Ron Berry -
(June 23rd)

Thanks for sharing, Ron!

Please click on thumbnails below, for larger views:

Photo # 1 - Ron B. & Dale

Photo # 2 - Denny R. & Nancy

Photo # 3 - Connie & July L.

Photo # 4 - Barb. R. & Connie

Photo # 5 - Denny S. and Burton

Photo # 6 - Bruce & Kathy, Joni J. & Cliff, Burton & Carol

Photo # 7 - Alicia, Nancy & Denny R.

Photo # 8 - Howard "Gary" Kenyon & Dolly - Looks like Janie chatting with Bowdie, in the background

Photo # 9 - Marge Bowden, Ruth & Allen Parker, Lee & Janie, Phyl A. & Ron Abrams

Photo # 10 - Phyl A., Ron Abrams, Connie & Dale

Photo # 11 - Janie & Lee, Bruce, Kathy, Judith S., Barb. R, and Judy L.

Photo # 12 - Denny R., Howard "Gary" Kenyon, Gary's wife, & Bowdie

Photo # 13 - Dale, Alicia, Connie & Pete

Photo # 14 - Ron B., Connie & Alicia

Photo # 15 - Dale & Ron B.

The last 2 pics are at Heid's for coneys and ice cream

These photos are all I have received so far -

I hope to add more photos, and descriptions later --

Please send in photos you may have ---- Thanks!


During the reunion, a poem was recited by Phyl. Abrams,
while at the Hollywood Restaurant in Auburn, Friday night .

Phyl. composed this poem, which you can read below.

Our Class of '57

By Phyllis Drabel Abrams
(June 19, 2009)

Another weekend together, the class of "Fifty-Seven";
Including those from up above, looking down on us from heaven.
Also with us, are classmates unable to attend.
Memories involving all of us, never ceasing to end.

The class of Fifty-Seven, was born in September of forty-four.
Rug in hand, scared to death, knowing each day, we would be back for more.
"Fifty-Seven" uniquely formed, on that very first day of school.
Whoever thought we would feel now, that was really cool?

Our very first friends were made that day, think back, it is true,
Gaining more friends every year, working our way up through.
Having new teachers through the years, was also a coping way,
soon coming to remember each and everyone, like it was yesterday.

Many of us aren't real close any more, as we slowly drifted away,
although thoughts of those years together, are forever with us to stay.
It has come a time in our lives, these first memories are found,
Bringing laughter, and thoughtfulness, to those we surround.

Remember the homework, our grades, or even shedding a few tears,
So much to learn and remember, through all those growing years.
From changing classes, to having our lockers in the hall.
The parties, the Junior Prom, and even the Senior Ball.

Bus rides to all the games, singing to our hearts content.
Good times together, whatever we did, or where we went.
Learning to drive a car, or even a drag race or two,
All these memories we owe, to us all, including me and you.

As we sit here tonight reminiscing, the past is what we know.
Our class of "Fifty-Seven", starting so many years ago,
has always been, currently is, and forever will be,
We think, the greatest of classes, making it our own memory.

*As we part for another year, let's all think the very best
health and happiness forever, to all of us that are left.
And think of all the memories, that our hearts hold within
for the class of "Fifty-Seven", how close we have always been.


*The very last paragraph had been inadvertently omitted by Phyl.


Friday, June 19th, 2009 Noon

American Legion,

The Legion will be open for anyone who would like to stop in and touch base with classmates. Please bring a drink/snack to share. You can bring games, badminton, croquet (I almost had you guys knitting when I realilzed there is a q in croquet). Even cards, board games, dominoes, etc. Or just come and laugh, and talk, laugh and talk etc.

5:30 PM

Hollywood Restaurant,

Each person will be responsible for the cost of their meal. (We can order from the regular dinner menu.)
Great Italian food!



Can go back to the Legion for more fun and games.
Saturday, June 20th
10:00 AM
Denny has arranged for the museum to be opened early, for our class. This is a chance to see what the town is/was about, long ago. Maybe you will recognize some relatives.
A kind gentleman has offerered to cater a free lunch for our class. Please attend so we can share a meal and make some more memories.
5:30 PM
Jr. Sr. High School
Alumni Banquet - Please attend - there may be a surprise for our class
After dinner
Can go back to the Legion, for more fun and games.
Sunday, June 21st
11:30 AM

Springside Inn,

Brunch reservation for our class -
We can say ta ta for another year.


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