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Below, is the list we have, of classmates
who participated in at least some, if not several,
of our class reunion activities -

Alicia, Barb R, Bill B, Bruce, Champ Leonardi, Connie,

Denny R, Denny S, Dick B, Fritz, Gary k., Joan H, Joni J,

Judy L, Judy S, Marci, Pete O., Phyl A., Phyl T, and Sue.


So far, I have 3 small groups of photos.

If anyone has photos which were taken at our reunion,
I would love to post them here, for other classmates to view,
if you are willing to share them.

Please e-mail the digital photos to:


Or, if you have the hard copies,
please mail those to me at:

Joan Higham
4435 Sail Drive
New Port Richey, Fl. 34652

I will return them to you ---- and thank you~! J

The most recently posted photos below, were sent to us by Judy Lofft -

Thanks for sharing, Judy!!

(You can click on the thumbnails below, to view a larger photo)

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

#1 - Clockwise - Denny R., Joni (Wethey) Jones, Judith (Kappisser) Smith, and Sister Phyllis Tierney

#2 - Left to right - Connie, Joni J., and her husband Cliff

#3 - Nancy and Sister Phyllis

#4 - Marci and Connie

#5 - Joan Higham, Connie, Joni J, Cliff J., and Alicia

#6- Ron Abrams and Phyl Abrams

#7 - Bill Babcock and Bruce C.

#8 - Denny Salisbury

#9 - Alicia & Marci


The group of photos above, have some photos which were taken at each of the 3-day events of our reunion, in June.

(You can click on the thumbnails below, to view a larger photo)


Photo #1 -- Barb. R., Nancy, Denny R., Stell & Connie

Photo #2 -- Ron A., Phyl A., Kathy, Bruce, Bill Babcock in red shirt,
Alicia, Dick Brown, and Stell in back chatting with Dick's wife.

Photo #3 -- Bill Babcock in the red shirt, Alicia, Stell chatting with Dick Brown's wife, and Dick Brown

Photo #4 -- Judy L., Ron A. and Phyl Abrams

Photo #5 -- Stell and Connie

Photo #6 -- Sue holding on of her paintings

The photos below, were taken by me,
on Sunday, at Springside Inn -

You can click on the thumbnails, to see a larger view:


Connie Bolton, Dolly, Gary Kenyon, Nancy Trice, Alicia, Sue, & Marcella


Cliff and Joni Jones


Cliff Jones, Pete O'Hara, Nancy, Denny R., Judith Kappesser Smith, Barb. Ryan, Bruce & Bruce's wife



(This group of photos from Springside Inn:)


1. Judy Lofft, Barb Ryan, Judith Kappesser Smith, Bruce Christopher, and Bill Babcock

2. Connie Bolton, Gary Kenyon's wife Dolly, Gary Kenyon, Nancy Trice, Alicia, Sue, & Marcella

3. Pete O'Hara, Nancy, Denny Randall -- you can see a few more classmates at the table in the background.

Judith Kappesser Smith, Barb. Ryan, Bruce Christopher, Bruce's wife Kathy.

4. Cliff and Joni Jones

5. Denny R., Judy Lofft, and in background: Bruce's wife Kathy, Connie, Stell, and Sue

6. Cliff Jones, Pete O'Hara, Nancy, Denny R., Judith Kappesser Smith, Barb. Ryan, Bruce & Kathy.

7. Cliff Jones, Joni Jones, Joan S. Higham and Denny Randall


We all really had a great time --


Friday afternoon -

Several of the classmates met at the Legion,
and had some snacks & drinks before heading off to the Hollywood Restaurant.

Friday night was a great dinner, at the Hollywood Restaurant in Auburn.
I was not able to attend (Plane landed too late in Syracuse),
but I did hear it was very, very nice.

After that dinner, many of us went to the legion --

I was happy to see so many classmates there -
Phyl and Ron Abrams were gracious to shuttle me over there.

There were goodies, and much chatting and just having a great time, in general.


Saturday -

The museum tour time was changed to a later time-
but then, Denny R. showed us through the many items which are there,
and Penny Schoonmaker was working there, also.
Having the chance to say hello to Edgar Jorolemon who also was at the museum,
was an added bonus --- he looks great! :-)

The noon-time lunch at the legion,
put on by mostly Denny, Nancy, Judy L. and Connie,
was really great!

Judy L. brought a veggie tray,

Denny and Nancy brought wonderful Mac & cheese,
lasagna, stuffed peppers, tossed salad, pickles, 
           marinated artichoke hearts - and more.

Connie made the personalized "57" dessert.
She made a very pretty cake, for the occasion -
(green & white decorations, appropriately).
It was a marble cake with "'57" written on the top ---
tasted great!! Thanks, Connie! :-)

There were also several drinks from which to choose,
as well as rolls, chips, nuts etc. 

LOTS of great food ---- even additional goodies,
(as we had more than 1 get-together at the legion,)
including many donated cookies etc. - enough to feed an army -
and it all was really VERY tasty!

Good thing Denny R. learned how to put out a fire,
while serving at the fire department ----
when the oven at the legion,
was apparently almost immediately ablaze with smoke;
he took care of the situation quickly:


clearing out the smoke, so when the classmates arrived,
there was no smell of smoke left, whatsoever.
Just like "nothin' happened" !
Good job, Denny!

Alumni Banquet - (Sat. night)

Several of us attended the Alumni Banquet at the school-
I THINK 14 - not certain of the exact turn-out.

They had a nice hot roast beef dinner,
which was very organized ---- no long lines, this year.
You could go to any one of three little buffet tables,
and serve yourself --- I thought it went very smoothly.
Yummy brownies and ice cream for dessert. Nice!!

Later, we went to the air conditioned auditorium,
and several awards were given -
along with the drawing.
One of the winners, was a classmate sitting right next to me -
Barb. Ryan!
She won $100.00, and donated half of it back to the school.
Very nice!

After the banquet, many of us returned to the legion-
MORE desserts, and chatting - and card playing!

One board game (Sequence), was the combination
of using cards, the board, and chips.
Alicia had the talent and foresight enough to use her computer,
to print out a LARGER SIZE of that game in advance,
so that players could see the board better, across the table.

Thanks, Alicia!

The board looked a bit different,
with the partial cards showing on each square.

Alicia says the thanks should go to Bruce's son,
who made the original copy.
(So ---- our thanks to him, also! J

We played until midnight -- believe it or not.

Oh -- yes, --- one classmate said he would take me back to the Day's Inn -
but --- when the time came -- he suddenly rememberd -
he didn't have his car! DUH!!!!!! *****;-)

Denny R. saved the day, (evening, really), and took me back to the Inn.
(Bruce will NEVER live THAT down! -
Honestly --- I don't think anybody was more surprised to
realize he didn't have his car with him -- than HE was!!)

It was funny --- we all laughed. J


Sunday --

Brunch at Springside Inn, in Auburn.
Lovely place.

We also chatted with several of the Class of '58 there.
Bonnie, Bob LaForce, Nancy (Trice), and several others were there, -
it was good to see them again, too.

Several of us chatted with Ron Berry, out in California,
VIA cell phone, (Thank you for the use of your phone, Sue,)
since he was unable to come this year -
He said to say "Hello" to everybody, and that
"We made his day"!

We MISSED you Ron!

My personal thanks to Joni and Cliff for shuttling me over there.
We all had a very nice brunch.

And many of us had to say our "good-byes" until next year,
when we all hope to meet again.

Then, it was off to the Syracuse Airport a group of 4 of us went --
Connie (chief driver), Stell, Sue and myself.

We all had a great time --

After Springside, Denny, Nancy, Alicia and Judy Lofft,
went down and cleaned the legion and got everything put back the way
it was prior to our class using it.

The party's over --

This entire 53rd reunion package was put together
by great team-work.

A lot of time, thought, and planning as well as
good ol' hard work - made it all possible.

Such camaraderie --




Please check back now and then -
I expect to keep adding to this page as more info. arrives,
as well as more photos.

More photos have been promised ----
I hope they can send them soon.


Stell came home Wed., ending up driving the entire way due to bad weather etc.
It took her over 13 hours.
Wow ---- Good for you, Marcella!!
It was SO very good to see you.


Below is the schedule we had anticipated,
though a few changes were made shortly before the reunion activities started:

June 18, 2010

3:00 p.m. Legion

Meet at legion and visit before we go to
the Hollywood. You can bring a snack/treat
and drinks to share then and any other time
on the weekend. We have use of the
kitchen facilities - frig, stove etc.

5:30 p.m.

Restaurant -

Each person will be responsible for the cost
of their meal. (We can order from the regular
dinner menu.)

Great Italian food.

After Dinner
Back to the legion - fun and games.

June 19, 2010

10:00 a.m.

Denny has arranged for the Museum to be
opened early. What a great chance to see
what the town is/was about. Maybe you will
recognize some relatives - hope there are no


The same kind gentleman has offered to
cater a free lunch for our class again this
year (maybe he will keep his beans in the
pan this year). Please attend - it will be fun
to share a meal and to make more
memories to share in the years to come.

5:30 p.m.

Jr. Sr. High

Alumni Banquet
Please attend!

After Banquet

Remember the fun we have had in the
years past - let's do it again!

June 20, 2010

11:00 a.m.

Spring Side Inn

Brunch Reservation for our class -
Then we say Bon Voyage for another year.



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