Our Class of '57 - 50th Yearbook

Dick Brown will be putting our 50th Anniversary yearbook together.

Please send Dick your suggestions as to what you think would be good to have in it,

and also your photos, and information.


33 Seneca Parkway
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone # 315-252-1933

Dick will be sending out an e-mail and snail-mail form,
for the classmates to fill in information and mail back to Dick.

(Snail mail forms will only go out to those who do not have e-mail.)

We sure do appreciate Dick doing this very time-consuming job for us,
So please send the return forms and photos to him ASAP
to help him out -- THANKS!!

Below, is the questionnaire from Dick Brown,
which he requests that all of the classmates
please fill out, and return to him, by Feb. 15th

These are pages which will be put
into our 50th Anniversary "Sparks" Book.

Please click on the link below,
and then print it out.


Here is a note from Dick:

(Jan. 9th)

I have copied (the questionnaire) to Alicia
so that she can send it to all who do not have an email address.

I would like them back by Feb. 15th.

I would also like a photo of everyone.

The photo can either be a hard copy or preferably a .jpg file.
With the .jpg I can do more.

My plan is to make 50 copies of each so that I will have enough to pass around.

Any photos anyone wants to send for a few collage pages will be fine.

Any photos the folks want back I will be glad to return them,
either by snail mail or at the reunion.

Dick's address:

Richard ( Dick and Judy ) Brown
33 Seneca Parkway
Auburn, NY 13021

Any questions for Dick?

Please either e-mail him:

or phone him:
Phone # 315-252-1933

Let's all give Dick the time he will need to work with all of this information -

Please mail the filled out questionnaires and photos back to him,
before February 15th, as he has requested.

After all, he IS nice enough to volunteer his time
to do this for all of us -
We can reciprocate by getting this info. to him in a speedy fashion.



We will try to keep you posted as to progress, orders and cost.