Clown Cake :
( 3 ring circus - 3 years old )

The helium-filled clown balloon
was really huge,
and quite a hassle to pack into our van,
along with the bulk of the other items,
and making sure the cakes didn't get "dented"
during the hour-long trip.

The clown on the right side,
was an independently controlled "fireman"
who constantly walked around the outside of the track,
and constantly blew his whistle.
The hostess was not amused.
Also, there were constant running red and white lights,
dashing around the top and bottom of the "tent".
I believe we were among the first to use these,
in birthday displays,
however, they are used widely, now.

I had baked 3 different cakes,
so they would fit the exact size of the openings
we had made for them in the platform.
I believe they had lemon, Raspberry and Chocolate fillings.
When the turning cakes were removed from the circus "tent",
there were circus toys replaced in those spots,
and if you can imagine the "circus" of my trying to keep them
"wound up" -- we soon changed to battery operated devices.

This was one of our first tries ( 1992 ) on the kids' cakes,
which had turning parts in them.
As you can see above, we crudely used microwave turning tables
to turn the 3 cakes.
The clown in the center was always moving,
though I honestly don't remember it very well, now.

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