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The first group of photos ( # 1 thru 15 )
are of Ron's railroad which he built in his back yard :

Photos # 1 & 2
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.....Conductor & Engineer

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Photos 3 & 4

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Photos 5, 6 & 7
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Below is a photo of Rose with her 2 beloved pet Lab dogs.

You can't see him too well,
but the Black Lab in the back is named "Lome",
and the Yellow Lab in the front is named "Chi".
There is no "thumbnail" to click on -
this was the only dog photo she sent in.
Below is a photo of one of Alicia's race horses,
named "Kipper Boy" :

This is "kipper Boy's" first race, with Alicia as his owner.
She has enjoyed owning several race horses,
through the years.
Sent in by Pete :

Pete tells me this is a "trick"
which he did on his computer,
of the photo of Sue's house.
Pretty neat, Pete !!

Starting with Photo # 19,
you will see an array of special cakes both I and my husband Fred made,
over the years.
Some of the themes we used were :
"Alice In Wonderland", Anniversaries, Basketball, "Bat Man",
Beer Mug, Bowling, Carasoul, Christmas, "Cinderella",
Circus, Dinosaurs, ( 2 ) , Dolphins, Egyptian Pyramids,
Football, Hat Box, Ice Skating, "Jurassic Park", "Medieval Times",
Mother's Day, Music, "Nutcracker Suite", Over the Hill,
"Pink Panther", "Pirates", Racetrack, "Star Wars", Teddy Bear,
Teenager, "Top Gun", Train ( in Jungle ), "Tweedy Bird",
"Wizard Of Oz" ( favorite of many ) , and too many others to list.
Going thru my photos, I counted that we have made WELL over 100
different fancy cakes.
The VERY complex ones had to be started about 3 months in advance,
largely because so many parts had to be ordered through catalogs.
These days, with the internet, you can purchase most of the items needed,
on-line, much faster. Making it much easier for others doing things
along the same line, since we no longer do them,
to the extent that we used to.
I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the photos --
the photos below are mostly "thumbnails",
which you can click on to see a larger photo and description
of that paticular cake.
It will take me a while to complete this,
so I hope you will check back every so often to see additions.
I am also hoping that I receive photos from other classmates
showing their hobbies - including their beloved pets !!
"Wizard Of Oz"
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You almost can see it, - there was a "rainbow" light shown on the wall behind the cake,
There were all the little "Munchkins" hidden in the flower bushes,
the witch in the center had a green crystal ball,
the cake was constantly turning, so it appeard that characters
"Dorothy", "Tin Man", "Lion Man", and "Scarecrow" were all going around
the Green Castle, where the "Wizard" was holding real fire.
( The Wizard was a pewter candle )
We had a tape from the movie, and the lights were out in the room,
so when the birthday girl saw it, there were the sounds of a tornado,
and Dorothy was calling for "Auntie Em".
At that time, there were also strobe lights going, to appear as lightning.
Sweet 16
( You can click on the photo for an enlargement)

This cake was made for our Granddaughter "Katy's" 16th birthday.
I always wanted to have little lights, and also real bubbles in tinted water
going up within the clear pillars, on a cake,
and we finally accomplished that on this cake.
I have never seen it on another cake so far,
but I am sure by now, it has been done many times over.
Also, there was a lighted fountain between the layers,
As with most of the cakes,
it was on the mirrored cake turning-table, continually turning.
3 Ring Circus

( Click on photo for larger views )
For a 3 year old :
This was quite different from most we made.
Three completely decorated cakes
( three different flavors )
were set down in the holes you can see,
with the mechanical devices under the platform
constantly turning them.
Aound the outside ledge of the platform,
was a battery-operated clown,
which was continuously walking around the platform,
blowing a whistle.
There were several circus toys within the red netted "tent",
including a large clown, most of which were all moving.
Also we had clown music in the background.
Ice Skating Cake

This "ice skating" cake
had several of the "Dickins" minatures on it,
including the street lanterns, which lit up,
and a few skaters, a boy pulling a sled
on the ice, with a dog running after the sled.
At the time, our granddaughter Katy
was taking ice skating lessons.
There was a pretty ceramic
teen-aged girl ice skater
 up on the top of the cake.
It was continually turning,
and playing the "Skater's Waltz".
There were many tiny white lights,
reflecting in the mirrors.
First Year Teddy Bear

Everything on this cake,
other than the paper hat and one candle,
was edible.
The chocolate cake teddy bear was 3-D,
like a Teddy Bear fuzzy doll would be,
and I also made all of the blocks in front,
out of melted chocolate and peanut butter.
The edible blocks were reversible,
to read either "Happy Birthday",
of if you turned them around,
the child's name.
I also made the chocolate little teddy bears,
on the tops of the blocks,
and there was a constant red light,
racing around the bottom of the platform.
Also - the teddy cake itself,
was constantly turning.
It was a big hit, for one of our neighbors,
and nobldy wanted to cut the cake.
But they took cam-corder movies of it,
and after that -
it doesn't matter that they cut the cake.
A year later, I made a "Big Bird" cake
for the same family.
I made all of the characters on it,
with many colors of melted white chocolate.
It had a real ( miniature ) roller-coaster on it,
with twinkling lights up the sides,
and many little circus signs.
Musical Cake

This was one of the cakes I made,
which was publicized in a cake magazine.
I felt I had made others which deserved it more,
however, this was one of about 5 of mine,
which were chosen.
I made it for my mom, who plays the piano.
In the center of the cake
is a doll playing "The Entertainer".
The red strands were red licorice candy.
The black music staffs were made of
"Royal Icing", which I made in advance.
The flowers at the top,
were entirely artificial, and lit up from within,
by battery operated lights.
It was always turning on the mirrored cake turntable.
Yellow cake, with Raspberry filling, and rolled icing.
"Mother's Day" Cake

This is the view from the top,
so you can see the baskets with depth.
I made these in advance, using "Royal Icing",
and drawing the icing over a plastic curve,
so that they would dry appearing as little baskets.
The edible flowers were drawn on the actual cake icing.

Again I used the rolled icing,
and tinted it a butterscotch color.
The little icing flowers drawn on were
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