Enlargements of photos 7 Thru 10, Reunion Photos Page 12 :

Barb ( Ward ) Ryan

Allen Parker and wife Ruth, at the banquet.
( REALLY pretty dress Ruth is wearing. Love it. )

Looks like Dave is really "studying" something.
It appears it may be our old yearbook.

Now THIS photo below :

Yes - we all can recognize Di --
But --  "Whoizzit" next to her ?
Can it be Burt - with a new "wind-blown" haircut ??
Wow !! Which hair growing cream did  he use ??

Well, I'll tell ya, folks.
This photo is really a boo-boo on MY part.
The light above Burt's head, made Burt's hair appear to be a very yellow blonde.
So I thought "Sure - I will just touch that up, a bit" !

Well, it seems the harder I tried,
the deeper I got myself into ("a real mess" ) -
But rather than just eliminating the photo from our pages,
I decided to put it on anyway,
and beg for Burt's forgiveness !!
Sorry, Burt !  K

( Glad Burt has such a great sense of humor !  )  J

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