Barb swimming across Owasco Lake on Labor Day, 2004

Our "Swimming Celebrity" !

She did it again !

Barb's photo is in the newspaper again,
due to one of her many ambitious swimming feats.

Barb, along with her 2 daughters, swam across Owasco Lake.

Owasco Lake is about a mile wide, 10 miles long,
has a surface area of about 6500 acres,
and a maximum depth of about 175 feet.

Here is what Barb said:

"I swam across Owasco Lake on Labor Day.
Something I should have done when I was 19 or in my early 20's,
it was hard but it was fun
Just wanted to share with everyone.

We are  going to Las Vegas in Nov.
to watch our oldest Daughter compete in the firefighters combat challenge. 
Right now she is No.1 in the nation in points.

We'll be down ( Florida ) in Dec."


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