Sweet 16 Cake :

This was (obviously) the top of the cake.
The stained glass girl on the very top, was made especially for Katy.
It has her name on it, and also "16".
I picked out the glass girl I wanted from a catalog
at the place where they make stained glass items,
and even tried to match the color of Katy's hair.
There were tiny battery-operated lights under the stand holding the girl.
Also, one light behind the glass girl, to shine through.
Most of the moving objects on our cakes
had to be powered by batteries, due to the fact
that the cakes were usually on a pedestal, continually turning.
Once again, I ran into the problelm of the white cake icing
absorbing the color from the darker icing
in just a matter of hours, and therefore
the llittle white dots became a slightly delicate pink.
The 3rd layer down was just a removable strand of pearls.

This photo shows the fountain between the layers.
There were sprays of netting in the fountain,
which matched the cake color exactly.
The camera picked up a different color red, on the tassles,
however, they did match the cake color,
which was easy to do with the paper, obviously.
There was real water ( lightly tinted ) within the pillars,
continually creating bubbles going up the pillars,
along with the battery operated lights, -
yes - right in the water.
Also a vine of paper rosed twisted around the outsides of the pillars.
The bottom layer was made of wood,
but covered with real icing. ( A bad mistake, in hind-sight. )
This contained the "guts" for the "working controls"
of the cake.

I thought this photo might show the cake in perspective.
The cake was yellow cake with raspberry filling.
Since the people hate to cut the cakes,
can you believe I made a "somewhat matching" smaller cake
to display NEXT to this one --
for the people at the party to actually cut and eat ?
Yup ! I did !!
But it was not as extravagant as this one.
I understand they later ate some of the top of this cake,
but I imagine most of it got thrown away.
Fine with me -- the job was done !  J
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