Wizard of Oz Cake :

Above is the 3 tiered cake on the mirrored turntable.
The bottom layer is hiding the little munchkins, under the flower bushes.
Center layer shows the wicked witch with her green crystal ball.
Top layer has the characters going around the castle,
with the "Ox Wizard" holding real fire, as he was a pewter candle with oil.
Below is a close-up of the top layer.
I used rolled fondant on all 3 layers of the cake.
The little white flowers around the outside were made with "Royal Icing"
which is a very hard icing, but very white, and stays rigid.
One of the most diffucult parts of doing the huge cakes,
was the fact that most all of them had to be transported South,
which required a bit over an hour's worth of VERY GENTLE driving by Fred,
who learned to never make any "sudden stops", or "quick corners" !
And being in Florida, we had to pre-cool the van as much as possible,
so that the cake wouldn't melt on the way to St. Pete.
One cake was actually so huge, along with the display,
that we had to rent a trailer to fit it all in !!


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