WCS Class of '57 Newsletter

June 29, 2002

Whadda Class !!

A good time was had by all !



I believe 34 classmates attended at least SOME of the events of the weekend.
How many classmates were actually in our class, depends on which year you choose.

 1.  Bill Babcock
 2.  Wilma Benedict
 3.  Ron Berry
 4.  David Bowden
 5.  Dick Brown
 6.  Bruce Christopher
 7.  Joan ( Cuddy ) Lacasse
 8.  Phyllis ( Drabel ) Abrams
 9.  Connie ( Goodrich ) Bolton
10. Bob ( Haji ) Hirons
11. Dan Jeffers
12. Marcella ( Jorolemon ) Navarro
13. Judy ( Kappesser ) Smith
14. Dave Keel
15. Gary Kenyon
16. Bob Leonardi
17. Barb ( Melvin ) Martino
18. Pete O'Hara
19. Rose ( Pantusi ) Lang
20 Allen Parker
21. Dwain Penird
22. Denny Randall
23. Alicia ( Rosecrans ) Procino
24. Denny Salisbury
25. Joan ( Spier ) Higham
26. Barb ( Tallman ) Welch
27. Sister Phyllis Tierney
28. Barb ( Ward ) Ryan
29. Burt Ward
30. Bob Welch
31. Gordon Weller
32. Sue ( Whitmen ) Guszcza
33. Judy ( Williams ) Lofft
34. Diane Wolford

For most of us, it all started on Friday night, at the Green Shutters Restuarant, in Auburn, NY.
Bob Leonardi, who is the owner, generously delighted us with a very nice cocktail party, and also a buffet, which was held outdoors, amongst tall Pine Trees and subdued lighting, on a whistful Summer's evening.
The Class of '57 gathered there, and many of us hadn't seen each other for an entire 45 years.
Hence, the "subtle lighting" was somewhat of a relief, of sorts -- at least, speaking for myself, when I had to face others with the etchings of time, on my face.
The whole thing was very heart-warming, I felt. For years, many of us had often thought of our classmates, but we had really lost track of them.
Finally we had to opportunity to chat with them, and kind of "catch up" on some lost time.
We all want to send a great big "THANK YOU" to Bob Leonardi, for his generosity, and thoughtfulness to have our class meet there. It was very enjoyable, and sort of "broke the ice" for many of us.
We had a great turn-out !!

Saturday morning, some of "the boys" played golf - I believe this event included Fritz, Burt, Haji, Bruce, Bill Babcock and his son,  and Ron.  I heard through the grapevine, that Fritz is really quite an outstanding golfer !!
Anyway - a fun time was had by the golfing group.

Late Saturday afternoon, there was an "Open House" at Sue's house.
Was it ever lovely.
We all know that Sue is recovering from surgery, but with the great assistance of Connie, Lorna and Stell, Sue presented us with one of the nicest social events I have ever been to.
The house is so beautiful - a masterpiece !!
Along with many of her beautiful paintings, and also lovely flowers which were contributed graciously by Barb and Bob Welch.
Barb W., Joan ( Cuddy ) and Phyllis T. were "co-hosts" of sorts -- they assisted with the flowers ( Barb), "fetching" the goodies ( Joan ) and just help in general ( Phyllis T. ) -- and it all added up to one lovely get-together.
They served a peach colored punch, which was delicious, and many hors d'oeuvres, most elegantly presented. The table was over-flowing with "all sorts of good taste".
Bob Welch and Connie put up the wonderful banner, which was made especially for this great event, by Dick Brown. You can see it on the photo page.
Our thanks to Sue and all who contributed to that memorable event.
REALLY nice !!

Immediately following Sue's party, we went off to the old "Alma Mater" where Denny Randall presided over the "Alumni Banquet" as he has unselfishly done, for so many years.
We had a nice buffet with roast beef, mashed potatoes, beans etc. and a dessert which I feel really went over very well, of brownies with ice cream on the top.
It was really good, and I think the ice cream was particularly appreciated, since it was such a hot evening, and there was no air conditioning in the room.
The room was really packed - The newest class being the Class of 2002 was there of course, and the oldest class to be represented was one person from the Class of 1931, I believe, and somebody please correct me if I am incorrect about that. Just going from memory.
Our "Pledge of Allegiance" included the words ""Under God" -- which sadly may end sometime soon.
That may be a bit of history in the making.
The "Class of '57" can be proud that we had the highest turn-out -- of any class, other than the immediate class of 2002. We all deserve a little pat on the back, for that.
I was very humbled -- by accepting a very pretty certificate from the class, and presented to me by Denny.
It was VERY appreciated -- thanks to you all ever so much !!
When I get it back  home, ( it is still in Johnsonville, NY, right now ), I plan to put it up on my wall in front of my computer !!  Very nice of you all -- thank you again !!

Immediately following the Banquet, we all scrambled over to Denny and Jennie's house, for a great party !!
They had food and drinks galore -- a VERY nice house -- and a great game room downstairs -- which included a player piano, juke box, many miniature fire-trucks, and just all sorts of memorabilia.
It was the perfect atmosphere for this party.
I didn't know Denny could play the piano !!
And -- he was pretty "doggone" good, too !!
Click on the above cartoon.
He played "Juanita" - which is of course our Weedsport Alma Mater song, and a few others -- possibly more later that evening. I don't know, since I had to leave relatively early.
Anyway -- it was a really super party -- and we do THANK  Denny and Jennie for all their hard work, to making that party a complete success.
Thank you Denny and Jennie !!!!! We all had a great time !!!

The next morning, some were actually ambitious enough to get up early and meet for breakfast.
I was not able to attend, since my son and I had other things we wanted to get done while in the town of Weedsport, and then we had to head north to attend a  dinner and birthday party for my Brother-In-Law in Johnsonville, NY, later that afternoon.
We stayed up there for a few days, came back to Dave's house, and I flew from there the next AM to Florida.
This trip was SO worth while !!!!
As many have mentioned -- it was all over so fast !!
We all were really lucky to have landed in the Class of '57 -- such a great group of "kids".

Sunday afternoon, there was a picnic in the park -- I could not attend, but I hear that Bruce was very gracious, and opened his house to all who apparently could stand some "cooling off".
I hear that was much appreciated -- THANKS Bruce !

Well, there were plenty of cameras at these occasions, and I took a few photos myself.
Many did not come out -- partly due to the fact that I couldn't get the flash to work,
however, with Bruce's fine help, I finally did manage to get about 12 photos.
I have posted them on the "Reunion Photos" Page.
I know that some of the photos are not particularly flattering to some, but if they were on the same photo with others, I did put the photo on the web page, since I really didn't have many photos to choose from.
If anyone is really offended, tell me, and I will remove it from the page.
E-Mail me :  joanhigham@worldnet.att.net

I'm sure there are many more things which could be - and possibly should be - written here -
however, I just hit some of the more general "highlights" and if people would e-mail me things which they would like to have posted to us all, I will be happy to do so.
There isn't any "Newsletter" without any news !!

Thanks again to ALL of you -- it was wonderful seeing you again !!


CORRECTION to above information :
There was also a change of plans which I believe took place on Saturday night, concerning the Sunday morning breakfast originally scheduled for the Airport.
This change took place partly due to the infestation of mosquitoes in the area, I am told.
Consequently, there was also a breakfast which some classmates attended at the diner in Jordan.

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