WCS Class of '57 Newsletter # 2
July 11th, 2002



First, we have a "little" news from "The Berrys" 
Diane and Ron became the proud Great-Grandparents,
of little baby Nicole Diane.

Born July 1st, she weighed 7 lbs 10 1/2 Oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long.
Boy - I can remember when Jodie was just a baby.
And to think it is "Grandma Jodie" now -- WOW !!
Congratulations Ron and Di - I'm glad the event held off until you got back home !

Also - a reminder from Ron and DI :
Reminder :
Mark your calendars for
Wed., July 24th -
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM Eastern time :
Di and Ron's Granddaughter,
Danielle :

Danielle will become a Sophomore next year,
at Carlsbad High School
and is on the "Lancer Dancers" dance team there
They will be performing in competition on television,
on the above dates on ESPN2
To check any changes or up-dates to these dates and times,
go to : www.varsity.com
Her team competed at MGM Studios in Disney World.
They won the competition and are National Champions .
They successfully defended the title they won last year...
This year it went one step farther.... they had to compete against all
divisions on the ESPN2 TV Challenge.....they also won that...
( Written by proud "Grandpa" !   )

Judith Smith headed back to Texas on Wednesday, July 10th -
We wish her a safe journey back home !!

Info. for those who were unable to attend the 45th Banquet :

Denny Randall has had the honor of being the
President of the Alumni Association for Weedsport School
for oh, so many years --
during which time he has spent a lot of time, effort ( & sweat ) doing that.
All good things come to an end,
and Denny has decided that he would like to finally "retire" from that position.
That vacancy has been turned over to Ray Weller.
Thanks for the great job you have done all those years, Denny !

Also - along that same line,
Denny's wife Jennie is the treasurer of the association,
and I finally found out that it was SHE
who personally created  the great "certificate" award.
This was presented to me during the banquet,
for my having done the class of '57 web pages.
This was to help co-ordinate the events,
and present additional information contributed from the classmates.
I finally have that framed certificate back here at home,
and I plan to "nail it up" on the wall, above my computer.
Again -- MANY thanks for that - Jennie and everybody -
it is greatly appreciated !!

I see there are 2 birthday "kidz" for the remainder of July :

July 15th
Rose Pantusi Lang

July 18th
Bill Babcock

It's "never too late" to add your name to the Birthday Club"
Just e-mail me your name and birthdate,
and I will be happy to add it !
The more, the merrier !!

I have been promised a few more groups of photos
which were taken at the reunion-
so please stay tuned for those.
When I receive them, I will get them up ASAP.

I made a correction to the first newsletter:
There were 2 breakfasts on Sunday AM.
In addition to the one originally scheduled at the airport,
some decided to try to avoid the mosquitoes which were thick in Weedsport,
that particular weekend, and chose to try breakfast in Jordan at the diner.

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