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Ron Berry & Diane ( Wolford ) Berry

Although we sadly lost Diane on Feb. 17, 2007,
we all still carry her close to our hearts.

You can see a page made in memory of Diane:

"Di" was the best clarinetist in our class.
Also a majorette, cheerleader, and was on the "National Honor Society".
She played one of the "Smith Sisters" in our class play.

Ron: Class clown with a big heart !
Ron played Papa Porter", a Preacher, in the senior class play.
Ron was in the "All State Sectional Chorus",
Bowling Club, Varsity Baseball Manager 54, 55,
was on several sport teams, and was also in the "Art Club" in 1957.
Ron has built a spectacular model train in his back yard -
See photos of it on the new:
"Hobby "Page".
( Click Hobby Page words, or photo above. )


Wilma Benedict
"She Otta be in pictures" !!
( And I think she's available, guys ! )
Wilma was in our class until she left to study in Europe.
She was a stockbroker for quite a few years,
then decided to go back to college,
to get into the medical field ( at the age of 57).
She earned her nursing degree ,
and went into research, where she ran a lab,
and from there was promoted to a coordinator.
The pharmaceutical companies flew her to different states
to study the drugs they were testing,
and therefore she has had many interesting positions in that field.
In addition to her job, she enjoys her 2 cats and her grandchildren.
Good goin', Wilma !
And thanks for the help with the "transportation"
at the 45th Reunion !!


Denny Salisbury & Carole Salisbury

Denny was one of the 25 "original".class members starting in 1944,
continuing consecutively to graduate in 1957.
He was very active in the rifle club.
Denny has been a GREAT contributor of photos
on the class web site.
Thanks, Denny !

Sue ( Whitman ) Guszcza

Sue was voted the "class artist" ( girl ), was in the "Art Club",
Layout Editor of our Yearbook, played the flute in band,
played the "Mom" in our Senior Play,
also our "Speaker of the House Representative",
was on the "Nat'l Honor Society",
and received an honor letter with one gold bar.
Sue has become a professional artist,
and several of the classmates,
who were at her "open house" before our banquet,
had the pleasure of being able to view several of them.
Some of them can be seen in the background,
on the Reunion Photo Pages.

Joan ( Spier ) Higham & Fred Higham
I had fun playing the clarinet in the band.
I was in the band contests from 1954 through 1957,
and was a contest soloist '56.
I received a typing award pin, Honor Letter '56,
and played in the Class Play between acts skit "Cindebella"
You can see some of the cakes made by Fred & myself
on the "HOBBY PAGE".

Photo below shows Bob ( Chink ) and Judy Morgan,
on their Disney Cruise last December.

Chink and Judy on their Disney Cruise 12-02-01
"Chink" was voted "most artistic" ( 2 from each class ),
was in the rifle club, and was on the "Senior Play Committe".
Below is another photo
which shows Bob, Judy and their granddaughter Carli Busse.
Carli is at her graduation from 8th grade in Las Vegas.


.Below you will see : The Polka Pair !!

Carol ( Golamb ) Rhoades & Dusty Rhoades
Carol was on our Junior Prom Court, a cheerleader,
majorette,  voted the most "versitile", and worked for my dad.
Next 3 photos below are from Lorna :
Lorna with her usual smile

Lorna ( Jones ) "Sande" - with "Sandee" feet
Lorna loves to garden.
Lorna was voted the ( girl ) "Class Clown,
played the Tenor Sax in Band,
and was on the "National Honor Society".
Lorna helped "Co-Host" the open house party,
which was held at Sue's house,
just before our 45th banquet.
Dressed as a clown below, is one of Lorna's best friends :
"Punkin Seed - Glad-To-Meetcha" !


Lorna's family from left to right :
Stephanie (future daughter-in-law), Andrew (son),Carl (Hubbie) & Lorna

Lovely "garden" photo
of Marcella "Stell" (Jorolemon) Navarro and Nate Navarro :
Another fellow "licorice stick player", President of the Drama Club,
"National Poetry Anthology '57", and Dance Committee Chairman.
Stell was a great help, in co-hosing Sue's "Open House",
the afternoon of the class 45th reunion.
Well, Barb didn't actually send in her photo,
so I had to steal one from the "Olympic" photo page.
I hope she will send in a better one, but for now :

Barb was in Girls' Glee Club, Band, Dramatic Club, several other clubs,
received an Honor Letter in 56, and of course, just came back from Greece
last month, where her daughter Jen won both a gold and a silver medal
in the Special Olympics Swimming.
Photo below is of Dave and Marge Bowden
- "Childhood Sweethearts" !
Dave was our class president, in 1956,
and also was in the Debate Club, Block "W" Club,
V. Football, V. Basketball, among several other clubs,
received an Honor Letter ( '56 ) , and played "Hugh" in our class play.
He also was my son's school Principal
( and a very good one, I understand )
when he went to Weedsport.

 "Punch" - (Gerald) and Jean Dickinson
He may sometimes be AKA "Bubba the Rebel"     :- )
"Punch" :
He aquired the nickname "Punch" from his grandparents,
because he had an older sister "Judy",
and in that time frame, the marionettes
" Punch & Judy" were very popular.
He was always one of the most "handsome" guys in our class.
Punch was on our "Junior Prom" court.
He played the "Don Juan" in the Senior Play,
received a '56 Honor letter, played the trombone in the band,
( voted "most musical" guy in our class )
and was also on the football, basketball and track teams,
among many other activities.
Photo below is Rose (Pantusi) Lang
with her friend Griff

Rose Lang & fiance Griff
Rose was employed as an LPN
for the Cayuga Health Association, for 20 years.
When her husband passed away,
she moved to Iowa.
She enjoys reading, crafts, yard sales, her grandchildren,
and understandably, the "internet",
which is where she met her fiance Griff.
This was her first time to attend the class reunion,
as it was for many of us.
It was good to see you there, Rose !
You can see Rose with her dogs on the "HOBBY" Page.
Below is a photo
sent in by Dick Brown.
In this photo are ( Left to Right )
Burt Ward, Judy Brown, Dick Brown and Carol Ward

Dick was on the basketball and football teams,
as well as the Intramural softball and volley ball teams.
Also in the Boys' Chorus,
and participated on the Yearbood Staff in his Senior Year.
Dick was one of the main classmates
to help put together the great class reunion 5 years ago.
I mailed some photos of my cakes etc. to him,
which he brought to the reunion,
and I really appreciated it so much,
since I was not able to attend that special year.
Thanks, Dick !!
Also ---
Since we "sneaked in" a photo of Burt here,
Burt received an Honor Letter in 1956,
was football manager in 1954,
played the bass in band,
participated in bowling,
Boys' Chorus, Mixed Chorus,
Boys' Intramurals, was on the Teen Canteen Committee,
and played "Orley Dunn" in the Senior Play.
You look great, Burt !
You can view additional photos
of Dick and Burt on their boats,
on the "Dick Brown Photo" pages.
( Please note that there are more than just one page of photos --
Check the "directory" page.

Here is an additional photo
which was sent in by Dick :

The above photo shows, from Left to right :
Dick's youngest son Andrew, wife Judy & Dick .

Below is a photo
of Phyllis (Drabel) Abrams and hubby Ron

Phyllis was chairman of the dance committee,
on the Yearbook Staff, Sparkler Staff, Guidance Staff,
in the Commercial Club, Drama Club,
participated in Girls' Glee Club,
and Girls' Intramurals.
Both she and I played the step-sisters
( she being the thin, and me being the fat   :- (   --      )
in the Senior Play between-act
Phyllis did a tremendous amount of work
on the 40th reunion yearbook,
for our class.
She also wrote a very beautiful poem,
which you can view at the beginning of that book.
Good job, Phyllis !!

Above, is Phyllis and her husband Ron
in front of their motor home.
Below, is a photo of Alicia.

Alicia received an honor letter in 1956.
She was in the Band, Rifle Club, Girls' Glee Club,
Drama Club, Guidance Staff,
Manlius Math Competition,
County Ping Pong Tournament,
( I loved playing ping-pong with her )
Yearbook staff, and several other activities.
Check out the "Hobby" page
where she has a photo of one of her racing horses !
Below, is a photo sent in by Pete,
of Pete, his wife Jean,
with Anna, Brendan & Jennifer.


Below is a photo sent in by Pete O'Hara.
It is the North Family of the Mount Lebanon
Shaker Village. The place is now a museum.
Pete and his family spend a lot of time in
the Summers there.
North Family of the Mount Lebanon Shaker Village

Below is a photo of Phyllis Tierney

Sister Phyllis Tierney

Our class "Salutatorian"  !
Phyllis received the "Honor Letter"
with one gold bar, in 1956,
was in the "Manlius Math Competition" in '54 & '55,
was a member of the Student Cabinet, Senator, Secretary of Senate,
Class Treasurer, Yearbook Staff,
and many other things, ( too many to list ),
in addition to playing a clarinet in band,
along with Di, Stell, and me.
Both Phyllis and I put together the
"Class Poem".
Phyllis helped co-host at Sue's "Open-House",
which was held just before the 45th banquet.
She also assisted in the transporting of the classmates
"to and fro" events -- Thanks Phyllis !!


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