.WCS Class of 1957

Below is a photo of our graduating class:

If anyone has this photo of better quality,
I would love to post it here.

"Old" School

Our class spent most of our school years in the school below :
Newer "reconstructed" School- Jackson Street

We finally have a few photos of the Jr-Sr High School on 2821 E. Brutus St.,
from which we were the first class to graduate.
Many thanks for the photos, Denny Salisbury !!!

Some of you may remember our class poem :

...                   ......

Here are our hard working class "officers" :

PRESIDENT ----  Denny Randall ..........VICE PRES. -- Bob Leonardi
TREASURER --  Phyllis Tierney ... SECRETARY- Joan Cheeseman

SENATORS :     Esther Jordan, and David Keel

REPRESENTATIVES : Carol Golamb, Sue Whitman, Gordon Weller,
and Ken Stoneburg. Sadly, we have lost Bob Steinman.

I don't know the official name of the organization,
however, apparently the people who take care of the WCS Alumni
through the years, after many of us have left, are as follows :

President - Denny Randall, ( Class of '57 )        315-834-9475
Treasurer - Jennie Randall, ( Class of '70 )        315-834-8696
Vice Pres. - Kenneth Balch, ( Class of '53 )        315-689-9016
Secretary  - Roberta Baker, ( Class of '55 )        315-776-5529

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