Photos sent by Ron and Di, on vacation in Williamsburg, Va.
Bob ( Haji ) Hirons and Ron Berry, May 2003
Haji and Ron on vacation in Williamsburg, Va.,
where Haji and Judy attended the welcome reception, at the hotel.
Notice the badge which Ron made for the entire attendants
of the reunion for the Navy Ship Association
USS John A Bole, DD-755,
which was held in Norfolk,Va. on the 13th of May, 2003.
You will see Ron's name on this web page,
because he runs the roster for it.

Haji, Judy, and Diane - Photographer Ron hiding behind camera !    :-)
Here we have Haji,
and his wife Judy ( finally we get to see what a pretty wife he has !! )
and Diane, who are flanking the statue of Thomas Jefferson.
Di is wearing a sleeve and gauntlet on her arm.
Wonder what that is she has in her hands ?
Looks like it might be something "tasty" !!  J

Ron and Di were also able to visit Haji and Judy
Saturday, May 18th,
when they had breakfast together,
and they met Haji's son Robert, his wife and 2 boys.

They all had a great time,
and were very happy to get together !