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ALSO -- If you just do a copy of this page ( EDIT - SELECT ALL - EDIT - COPY ) and then
PASTE it into an e-mail to yourself -- send out that e-mail to yourself, and when it comes back to you,
simply RIGHT CLICK on each blue e-mail address, and it will automatically add to your e-mail address book.

(You will only have to change the NAME of the person, since the automatically added e-mail, will have the name
show the same as the address.)

"Ashby, Jack & Joan" flatop39@verizon.net
"Babcock, Bill" <bdjj@innova.net>, (Sorry - No longer working address)
"Bankert, John"jobufjab65@comcast.net (Sorry - No longer working address)
"Berry, Ron " <ronberry781@yahoo.com
"Bolton, Connie" <conniegb1939@verizon.net>,
"Bowden, Dave & Marge"dbmb2002@yahoo.com
"Brown, Dick & Judy" <FtKnight@aol.com>, Sadly, Dick passed away March, 2021
"Christopher, Bruce and Kathy" <BNKCHRIS1@aol.com>
"DeMarzio, Joan (Cheeseman) & Nick "jndem1@hotmail.com
"DeNike, Mary Jane"mjd39@verizon.net
"Dickinson, Punch"(Sadly, Punch passed away on 7-15-14) )
"Guszcza, Sue"Sue Guszcza <hsueguszcza@gmail.com>
"Higham, Joan" New e-mail address April 2012:joanrascal@tampabay.rr.com
"Hirons, Bob"(Sadly, Haji passed away on Sept. 3rd, 2013)
"Jones, Joan Wethey"
(Very sad that Joni passed away on 2-10-18)
"Kappesser, Judith"-Judy no longer has a computer
"Keel, Dave " <,(Sadly, Mary Ann passed away 3-5-10) (Dave passed away 8-23-2015)
"Kirchheimer, Esther" <strkir@yahoo.com>, (Sadly, Art passed away March 27, 2011)
"Lang, Rose" -- see Rose Taylor
"Leonardi, Bob" - raleonardi@roadrunner.com
"Leonardi", Veronica - leonardiveronica7@gmail.com
"Lofft, Judy & Bud " <jklofft@hotmail.com>,
"Morgan, Bob & Judy"robertmorgan1938@gmail.com
"Navarro, Marcella/Stell" <nathn@aol.com>, (Sadly, Nate passed away on Feb. 1, 2008)
"OHara, Pete & Jean" <gohara@nycap.rr.com>,
"Parker, Ruth" < shadow7249@yahoo.com >, (Sadly, Allen passed away, Nov. 22, 2015)
"Penird, Dwain" vapenird@hotmail.com
"Procino, Alicia" <aprocin@verizon.net>
"Randall, Denny" <drandal3@twcny.rr.com>
"Rhoades, Carol" crhoades510@verizon.net (Sorry - This address kicks back for most of us now, however she uses Facebook.)
"Ryan, Barb"ryanbarbara65@gmail.com
"Salisbury, Denny" dsalisbury381@gmail.com
"Sande, Lorna & Carl" - They no longer have a computer
"Smith, Judith K"Judy no longer has a computer
"Stoneburg, Kenneth" kenstoneburg@yahoo.com
"Taylor, Rose" (Sadly, Rose passed away 9-21-16) )
"Tierney, Phyl" ptierney@ssjrochester.org
"Tierney, Phyllis" <ptssj@hotmail.com>,
"Traver, Earl and Sharon"kttiangel58@yahoo.com (This address doesn't seem to work.)
"Ward, Burt & Carol" They no longer have a computer.
"Welch, Barb" bbwelch2@gmail.com
"Welch, Bob"bwelch1939@gmail.com

Please let me know if your e-mail has changed -- thank you.

Last updated 4-5-2021



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