Good Ol' Days


Photos of us,
from back when we were kids

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Mrs. Robinson - Sixth Grade TeacherMrs. Ethel Ferrill, Miss Mildred Carroll, and Mrs. Robinson

Miss Palmer  Joan Wethey, Essie ?, Punch, Ron ?, Judy W., Carol G., Janie, & Ann Switzer ??


Diane WolfordLoretta Moody, Connie, Lorna, Sue, ?, Stell, Sandra Holihan, Bottom:Carol Christopher, Frances Backman, Phyllis Drabel and Linda GreenDiane and Barbara Melvin


Phyllis D and Joan CheesemanPhyl D, Anne Marie Rayn, Joan Cheeseman, Helen, Joan Cuddy and Phyllis T.


Phyllis Drabel and Joan SpierBarb Melvin, Joan Spier and Joan CuddyPhyllis Tierney and Phyllis Drabel

Connie GoodrichBarbara Melvin

Sue Whitman and Connie GoodrichPunch Dickinson and Joan Cuddy


Phyllis DrabelPhyllis Drabel

Junior Prom :

Joan Cheeseman, Bob Leonardi, Carol Golamb, Gordie Weller, Essie Jordan, Punch Dickinson, Mary Jane Shepherd and Bruce Christopher


A note of thanks to Phyl ( Drabel ) Adams
for her contribution of the above photos.
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